Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Faves from The Final Active Listener Sampler: Fogbound, Invaderband, Nuvem Leopardo, Emily Jones

First, the good news: we've just been graced with a new and customarily fab comp of psych and poppsych from The Active Listener. Now the bad: as any fool (and we proudly qualify) can tell by the sampler title, it's the last one from the marvelous Master Nathan Ford. We've been enriched by his superb comps for several years now and thank him most heartily. Below are our four most fave from this swansong of songs. You can download all 21 tunes for a mere $1 total. (Readers in Lesotho will of course pay in loti. Bandcamp should help you convert to your local currency.)

Those Fogbound freebies we posted previously are still freely available here.

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