Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Walkies - 22.ii.17: Diamond Hands, Crocodiles, Warm Soda, Andy Ketch, Listen Lady, Milk Maid, Low Doses, La Luz, SMUT, Tape Waves

Berto was with us in spirit, if not in person.

Please join us for the musical portion of today's matutinal ramble. The below randomly shuffled onto our playah as we randomly shuffled down the avenue. The Andy Ketch and Listen Lady tunes are available for name-your-price download at Bandcamp.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Yummy Evil Pop/Powerpop, etc., from kiso island

'twould appear kiso island are dining at Kiso Island.

A big sloppy merci and happy digestoburp to our Bandcamp buddy lolo of Nimes for the headsup on Vancouver, BC band kiso island. ((We shall wear denim all day (and all of the nighta) in honor, tribute, and gratitude.)) k. i. went three-for-three on this one, and there's more at Bandcamp. Not a lot more, but more. Oh, we've been reading more shtuff about how to be a better blog, so here are ALL the tags the band used at Bandcamp (AND THEY'RE CLICKABLE!): alternative evil pop pnw power pop rock sushi Vancouver. Wow, we feel better already.

Friday, February 17, 2017

More I.D., Please: Mind Meld, Jim And The French Vanilla, Jennifer, The Blend

Once again, Playmoss hasn't included bandnames in some of the songs we've recently widgeted, so here they are. (Don't worry, Mossy, we still love you.)

Mind Meld

We love Mind Meld's self-titled LP so much, we'd like to point you toward the entire album, which you can hear at SoundCloud. (It dropped Thursday, 16feb17.) In addition to the two songs above, we particularly like #s 8, 9, & 10    

Jim And The French Vanilla


The Blend

Monday, February 13, 2017

Snowball II - Anais & Me

Yes, yes, do take a bow, as do we for eschewing allusions to snowballs, snow, or balls. 

We're grateful to multi(social)media friend Bill Curran for the headsup on these purveyors of high quality pop, L.A. band Snowball II. More's available at Bandcamp. Here's our favorite so far.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Freddy Beach - Pretty As A Picture

Based on the picture Thibault provides at Still in Rock, the leader of this New Orleans band is pretty nice looking, but our postitle refers to the jangler below, which Thibault has made available for free download. He's also made another song available for download, along with interesting insights into Freddy Beach's oeuvre to date. We don't know if Google Chrome Translate limns the full measure of what Thibault wants to depict, but we very much enjoyed the concluding sentence of the post: "And then we now have two EPs to put in the tooth for a total of 9 pieces which, I'm sure, will make your neighbor cocaine a little lamb in search of his mom for a nap."

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

I.D., Please: St. Tropez, Bryan's Magic Tears, Amber Arcades, Surf Cassette, Acting Strange

We just noticed the last five or six songs we dropped into our Playmoss Currents widget lack bandname identification. (We actually tried to insert a bandname at Playmoss and got a big slap across the puss, which kind of hurt.) We obviously like them very much and feel if you do, too, it might be nice to know who the hootie they are.

St. Tropez - Democracy

We've been enjoying this Dutch band for a couple of years now. Here are two more you might like.


Bryan's Magic Tears - The Hand Of Summer

We found this French band today at the ever reliable Still in Rock. SiR Thibault has interesting analysis and downloadables of this song and one other. Below is the other widgeted ditty we especially liked. Check out the band on Facebook, if you like.

Amber Arcades - It Changes

From The Netherlands - Facebook

Surf Cassette - Wasted

From Milan - Facebook

Acting Strange - Start It Over

From Glasgow - Facebook

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Dot Dash & The Airplanes - A Sabbath-Day Jaunt

Symbiosis, wot?

We were enjoying our now-daily jaunt over to I Don't Hear A Single and followed Mr. Valentine's (oh, yeah, only 10 more shopping days until) helpful link over to The Beautiful Music site. There we found 18 free and legals, our favorite of which was by longtime D. C. faveband Dot Dash. You can sample and download the song there, but we also wondered if it might be at one of their Bandcamp pages. It was, and is posted below. 

Then we noticed that a Bandcamper we follow had liked the song, too, so we went over to her Collection and scrolled down. It wasn't long before we discovered a terrific song we hadn't heard by longtime Fayetteville, Arkansas faveband The Airplanes. And sure enough, it was available for name-your-price download.

That concludes the textual portion of this post, unless we think of something else to say, which is highly unlikely.

Elephant Stone - See The Light

We loved The High Dials and got Elephant Stoned with alacrity.
From: Montreal
Ship of Fools

Desert Mountain Tribe - Enos In Space

Wish we could come up with postitles like that. :-)

From London via Koln
Either That Or The Moon

Feature - Schedules Align

Banishing Ritual

TVAM - No Explanation

From Manchester

The New Pornographers - High Ticket Attractions

We love them 
From: Vancouver
Whiteout Conditions

Monster Movie - Shouldn't Stray From The Shadows

From: Berkshire

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Bandcamp Purchasefaves - December 2016/January 2017: Resonars, Virgineers, Kevin Devine, Fogbound, Beginner's Mynd, Magic Shoppe, Laissez Fairs, Pink Mexico, et. al. . . .

We bought more than 130 songs at Bandcamp the last month or so (29dec16-31jan17) and thought about posting all of them. Then we decided to narrow it down to a couple of dozen favorites. We also thought about posting them in their individual Bandcamp widgets but then decided it might be easier for you to check them out using a Playmoss widget. If you want to hear the EP or LP the song lives in, click the bc logo at the end of each songline below. (If you want to do this while listening to a different song, you might want to use that sophisticated Mouse Scroll Wheel technique we told you about on October 1, 2010.) If you want to check out the rest of what we bought, go to our Bandcamp Collection. If you want to check out some other songs we've been finding of late, click on the Playmoss widget in the upper right-hand corner of this page. If you want more options, you really are kind of OCD/C, aren'tcha.

Nota bene: Song #6 is actually by The Steppes. Song #21 is by Doug Tuttle.

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