Tuesday, February 07, 2017

I.D., Please: St. Tropez, Bryan's Magic Tears, Amber Arcades, Surf Cassette, Acting Strange

We just noticed the last five or six songs we dropped into our Playmoss Currents widget lack bandname identification. (We actually tried to insert a bandname at Playmoss and got a big slap across the puss, which kind of hurt.) We obviously like them very much and feel if you do, too, it might be nice to know who the hootie they are.

St. Tropez - Democracy

We've been enjoying this Dutch band for a couple of years now. Here are two more you might like.


Bryan's Magic Tears - The Hand Of Summer

We found this French band today at the ever reliable Still in Rock. SiR Thibault has interesting analysis and downloadables of this song and one other. Below is the other widgeted ditty we especially liked. Check out the band on Facebook, if you like.

Amber Arcades - It Changes

From The Netherlands - Facebook

Surf Cassette - Wasted

From Milan - Facebook

Acting Strange - Start It Over

From Glasgow - Facebook

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