Sunday, February 27, 2011

Need More Girlfriends'? (Please note the apostrophe.)

Picture partly chosen because of guy scratching head (dramatic)

While flipping through the estimable Bradley's Almanac this afternoon, I came across Girlfriends, a Beantown band two songs of whose I'd previously recommended. But I also found and very much liked the following song and thought you might, too. If you like it, click "Download" and get it at Bandcamp (in exchange for an email address--preferably yours) or pay Brad a visit to download it directly. Scroll down through Brad's extensive Best of 2010 list until you get to his favorite EPs.

Here are the two songs toward which I previously pointed you. Same drill: click "Download" to download via Bandcamp or go to Ampeater and download directly. By the way, both songs are in the widget. Use the forward/backward or down arrows to navigate.

Peter Bjorn & John's New Pounder

PP&J aren't whistling "Dixie"--or anything else--on this (relatively) hard-hitting little number. Take a listen and if you're inclined to add a fourth (or even fifth) thumb to the (bottom) picture, click "Download" to download. "Breaker Breaker" is off the beloved Stockholmers' forthcoming album, Gimme Some, due out in March.

We'd also like to include a couple of previously posted numbers for your listenin' and whistlin' pleasure, so pucker up, peeps.

MySpace | Bandsite | iTunes | Amazon | eMusic

P.S.: Windows Media Player doesn't seem to be picking up the wma song. Right-click to download it (as indeed the other one as well).

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Sunshine Factory: Mobile Pop 'n Gaze

We recently pointed you toward the excellent blog The Decibel Tolls for an excellent song by excellent Mobile, Alabama shoegazers The Sunshine Factory and then strolled off and bought some for our ownselves. While poking around last weekend at the excellent blog NW Shoegazing, we found an excellent interview with the band, plus directions to a wealth of Bandcamperie and other fulfilling items. We've posted here for your sampling pleasure two songs from their first LP, Vintage Revolution. You can download both by clicking below and get the rest of the album for free at Bandcamp. You will probably notice that "Daisies" is more poppy than gazy, although "Roving Eye" has you staring floorward pretty authentically. The other links below will put you in touch with their most recent LP, Sugar, and a live version thereof. Have we used the word "excellent" too frequently in this post? Nnnno.

Magic from Only Son

from NYC auteur's sophomore LP
on MRI

What can we say, the song lives up to its name. Thanks to Marni Wandner at Sneak Attack Media.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Instant Pleasure from The Measure (SA)

from New Brunswick, NJ band's 2008 12" EP
Songs about People . . . And Fruit N' Shit
Don Giovanni Records

We are but a few moments into acquaintance with this band, so it is a measure of our instantly aroused affection that we rush this post into cyber. Don Giovanni certainly knows how to woo (duh), as you might recall our recently posting an excellent song by one of TM(SA)'s stablemates name o' Big Eyes. (If you don't, we understand, truly.) We're a little uneasy posting without knowing the provenance of that "(SA)" in there and trust you will be, too. Maybe we'll come back later and revise.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Music of the Sphere: Pugwash, Ringo D, Moon T's, Smith W's, Monotonix, Mew, PP&J, TPOH, Guitaro, Primitives, Papercuts, Go! Team, Kinks, et. al.

We love you, Ringo, oh, yes, we do. . .

We've come across a nice combo of old and new the past week or two. Please thank, as we do, the fab bloggers who hostedposted these. (Click colored words below to go cavortin'.)

Smith Westerns - Dye The World - 5 Acts - late-Beatlesque

Peter Bjorn & John - Second Chance - AWmusic

Mew - The Zookeeper's Boy - mp3hugger

Papercuts - Do You Really Wanna Know - Austin Town Hall

Moon Tides - To Be - Get Off The Coast - Not sure what the MT's are always saying, but on a certain level, it doesn't really matter.

Guitaro - Hill Mountain & Chateau 100 - The Decibel Tolls

The Kinks - Better Things - Indie Rock Cafe - one of our all-time favorite songs by one of our all-time favorite bands
The Go! Team - Buy Nothing Day - Indie Rock Cafe

The Primitives - Crash & Way Behind Me & Sick Of It & Secrets - Popdose
The Pursuit of Happiness - I'm An Adult Now - Popdose - The post also has songs by other bands we love (e.g., The Pogues, The Pretenders, Psychedelic Furs). We may not fancy the particular songs posted, but you might.

Monotonix - Fun Fun Fun - Covert Curiosity
Ringo Deathstarr - Imagine Hearts - Covert Curiosity

Pugwash - On With The Show (The Idle Race cover) - Plain Or Pan - Click on the linked word "this" in the second paragraph.
The Idle Race - On With The Show - Plain Or Pan - Click on the linked word "it" at the end of the third paragraph.
The Wildebeests - That Man (The Small Faces cover) - Plain Or Pan
The Small Faces - That Man - Plain Or Pan

Orders From. . .The District Attorneys

We were pleased to send "you" over to Rollo & Grady for this excellent song last summer and are excited to be able to post it, courtesy of Team Clermont, on the occasion of the EP's national release. Visit The D.A.'s' Team Clermont page for another free and legal and the sites below to check out the rest of the EP. The band is scheduled to play the Caledonia Lounge tomorrow and the famed 40 Watt Club on February 24, both in Athens, GA. Oh, duh, tee-hee, we just got the allusion: ". . .Maggie says that many say/They must bust in early May/Orders from the D.A. . . ."

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

More Philly Phun: The Asteroid #4

Ignition was/may have been/will be at 8, but we have been/are/will be tripping with these glorious Psychadelphians many a time, past, present, and future. Thanks to Team Clermont for headsups, permishes, and other psychic soul soothings.

Here's a previously posted Packer/pp-pleaser for good measure.

You can find more free and legals at their Rainbow Quartz page and that Team Clermont Page below.

MySpace | Team Clermont Page | Amazon mp3 | iTunes | eMusic

P.S.: It can be #, No., or Number. Take one or all.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Philly Phun with Dangerous Ponies

EP | DP | LP

Update, 28may16: 
Well the link's gone "poof," but you can listen below and buy if you like.

Dangerous Ponies - I Only Wear My Favorite Clothes At Home mp3

from Philadelphia septet's phorthcoming debut
Dangerous Ponies
due 22 March on
Punk Rock Payroll

These young stallions and phillies don't appear all that dangerous, but perhaps something more threatening lurks beneath the habiliments/saddles/blankets. Anyway, we can't wait to hear the rest of their debut LP. We went over to Amazon mp3 and bought some of their Dr. Ponie Medicine Ponie EP and love what we're hearing. Thanks to Bill Benson over at Team Clermont for giving us free rein.

Make Off (or Make Out, or both) with Make Out

This song by former Junior Senior member Jesper Mortensen's new New York band echoes a sentiment Marx and I can certainly agree with. That's he (Jesper, that is) on guitar and backup vocals, New York native Leah Hennessey on lead vocals, Anders Christiansen on bass, and Olivia Alminiana on skins. The songs are from their debut EP, How To, due out 22 February. You can find another number over at Pop Matters. Thanks to Ashley Ayers at Tell All Your Friends for leave to p/host.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Locksley On Wisconsin!

Badger State powerpoppers Locksley have offered up a nifty number called "Oh, Wisconsin!" at their Bandcamp site. You can download it for free or by donating to Wisconsin-based charities. Thanks to Chris Vinyard at Big Hassle Media for the headsup. (They offer more information here.) And here's the song, in case you want to check it out first.

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