Sunday, February 27, 2011

Need More Girlfriends'? (Please note the apostrophe.)

Picture partly chosen because of guy scratching head (dramatic)

While flipping through the estimable Bradley's Almanac this afternoon, I came across Girlfriends, a Beantown band two songs of whose I'd previously recommended. But I also found and very much liked the following song and thought you might, too. If you like it, click "Download" and get it at Bandcamp (in exchange for an email address--preferably yours) or pay Brad a visit to download it directly. Scroll down through Brad's extensive Best of 2010 list until you get to his favorite EPs.

Here are the two songs toward which I previously pointed you. Same drill: click "Download" to download via Bandcamp or go to Ampeater and download directly. By the way, both songs are in the widget. Use the forward/backward or down arrows to navigate.

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