Saturday, February 19, 2011

Instant Pleasure from The Measure (SA)

from New Brunswick, NJ band's 2008 12" EP
Songs about People . . . And Fruit N' Shit
Don Giovanni Records

We are but a few moments into acquaintance with this band, so it is a measure of our instantly aroused affection that we rush this post into cyber. Don Giovanni certainly knows how to woo (duh), as you might recall our recently posting an excellent song by one of TM(SA)'s stablemates name o' Big Eyes. (If you don't, we understand, truly.) We're a little uneasy posting without knowing the provenance of that "(SA)" in there and trust you will be, too. Maybe we'll come back later and revise.


Brushback said...

SA = Strictly Analog

Anonymous said...

The [SA]= Strictly Analog.
"The Measure [SA] are perfectly aware that by releasing the CD version of their debut full-length Historical Fiction on Team Science Records, the [SA] part of their name – Strictly Analog – sorta loses its significance. Unfettered by "technicalities" of the modern world, the band happily offers up several viable alternatives: Semi-Aquatic, Somewhat Attractive and Seldom Appropriate. Take your pick…come up with your own." from -

pplist said...

To Brushback and Anonymous: Sincerely Appreciated

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