Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy 'Ween

This is our Hallowed Eve tradition, and we're sticking to it. May your treats exponentially exceed the tricks.

{thunderegg} - The Envelope Pushes Back - What About (The Children) (Single Edit) mp3

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Music of the Sphere, Emergency Post: Swervedriver, Shins, J&M Chain, Lush, New P's, Darker My Love, M. Penn, S. Forbert, G. McLennan, et. al. . . .

I'd planned to lay off a day or two, give you time to savor the last feast, etc., but it looks like the first tune below is about to be taken down, so go there now, if you like.
Thanks to all the beneficent host(esse)s!

Swervedriver - Duel - mp3hugger
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Head On & Just Like Honey & Cracking Up - Indiecent Music
Lush - Untogether - Tsururadio
Darker My Love - 2 Ways - Tsururadio
The New Pornographers - Use It - Tsururadio
Michael Penn - No Myth - Tsururadio

The Hollies - Step Inside - Some Velvet Blog
The Shins - Sea Legs - *Sixeyes
Steve Forbert - Thirty Thousand Men - *Sixeyes
Grant McLennan - Lighting Fires - Speed of Dark - for those of you who like The Go-Betweens

Moi Caprice - To the Lighthouse - a PLAGUE of ANGELS
The Dears - Hate Then Love - a PLAGUE of ANGELS
Bjorn Norestig - We Can Make It Last - a PLAGUE of ANGELS
The Levellers - Last Man Alive - a PLAGUE of ANGELS
Concrete Blonde - Joey & Happy Birthday & Someday? - a PLAGUE of ANGELS
Lindsey Buckingham - Love Runs Deeper & Underground - a PLAGUE of ANGELS

Music of the Sphere, Retro Music Snob Edition: Ride, XTC, Smiths, Echo, J&M Chain, Elastica, Camper, Byrds, Orleans, ABBA, Ramones

I'm so excited about these I can barely type. Ebullient thanks to Gary the Great at RMS.

Ride - Twisterella - Retro Music Snob - only one of the five best songs of the 90's, that's all
XTC - Senses Working Overtime - Retro Music Snob
The Smiths - There is a Light that Never Goes Out - Retro Music Snob
Echo and the Bunnymen - Do It Clean - Retro Music Snob
Jesus and Mary Chain - Psychocandy - Retro Music Snob

Elastica - Stutter & Waking Up - Retro Music Snob

Camper Van Beethoven - Take the Skinheads Bowling - Retro Music Snob
The Byrds - Mr. Spaceman - Retro Music Snob
Orleans - Dance With Me - Retro Music Snob
ABBA - SOS - Echoes in the Wind - I got to this through RMS, mkay?
Ramones - Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment - Retro Music Snob

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Safes and Sounds: Brian Jonestown, Hooray For Earth, TPOBPAH, K. Andrews, Oranger, Hush Now, Ettes, Davila 666, Wino, Polara, Get Help, et. al. . .


Hooray For Earth - from their self-titled LP on Dopamine Records, due out 13 Jan. 09; and, yeh, it's a pretty good planet.
Want Want Want mp3
Kyle Andrews - from Real Blasty, due out on 20 Jan. 09
Sushi mp3
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Everything With You mp3 - from the single of the same name, released 8 Oct. - We're still very much enjoying these previously posted Pains killers:

Oranger - Going Under mp3 - Note the primo powerpop shift.
The Hush Now - Sadie Hawkins Dance mp3 - Thanks to Team Clermont.
Davila 666 - Dimelo Ya - Puertorriqueños want answers! Gracias a Pitchfork.

The Ettes - I Heard Tell - from Look at Life Again Soon - Thanks to Ian Anderson at Vitriol. Maybe you'd like these, too, in case you missed them.
Marathon mp3
No More Surprises mp3
The Safes - Sight of All Light mp3 - Thanks to Fanatic Promotion.
Wino - Dutch Oven mp3 - from A Bottle Of Pills With A Bullet Chaser, out 4 Nov.

Polara - Is This It? - nice Beatles-Go-to-India vibe
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Yeah-Yeah mp3 - Here's a couple of more:
Cold to the Touch mp3
Seer mp3
Get Help - Red Jacket Orchards mp3

Dar Williams - It's Alright mp3 - from Promised Land
Gemma Hayes - Out of Our Hands mp3 - from The Hollow of Morning
The Olympic Symphonium - Intentions Alone - from More In Sorrow Than Anger, due out 11 Nov. - kind of a nice way to end it. . .

Thus concludeth our second year of festivities here at Powerpopulist. Thank you very much for visiting.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Too Popped to Poop: Secret Dakota Ring, Holly & the Italians, Weightlifters, Lovetones, Ham1, Sweet Jesus, Snapper, Vapors

Ham I am.
I feel another one of those moods coming on, so I better post quick. Excellent songs, low serotonin, no biggie.

The Weightlifters - Many thanks to main/pretty much exclusive 'lifter, Adam McLaughlin, for permission to post these songs from the excellent Last of the Sunday Drivers, available for listening here and purchase here and here. The new Weightlifters album, O My Stars, is due out soon ("late September/early October").

The Lovetones
mantra mp3
Inside A Dream mp3 - And maybe you'd like to hear this previously posted 'tones tune.
Wintertime in Hollywood mp3

Ham1 - I Wave Back mp3 - "western surf" from the forthcoming The Underground Stream, due out in early 2009 - And here's a previously posted one we're still enjoying from the self-titled debut:
Pop Song for a Funeral mp3 - According to these noble Athenians' MySpace site, both albums are available for free download here.

Secret Dakota Ring - The Fade to Black mp3 - from Cantarell, due out Tuesday - The following previously posted songs are also pp-pleasers. More? OK Go here .
my window mp3

Here are a few goodies, excellenties actually, I found poking around at the if things were perfect blog at the superb Slumberland Records site. Many, many more await you there.
Holly & The Italians - Youth Coup mp3
The Vapors - Waiting for the Weekend mp3

Well, whaddayaknow, I feel better. (What a cheap schtick for a post, even if true.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Music of the Sphere, cont'd: New Friend Edition

As I said Monday, I've found so many fine songs at faveblogs the past few days, I'm distributing them over multiple posts. I also have the pleasure of announcing a new blogfriend (who doesn't know me, etc.) over at Armagideon Time. I spent a couple of highly diverting hours at bitterandrew's superb blog and found not only excellent--and often rare--tuneage but felicitious writing and piquant posts built around what appears to be a staggeringly extensive comic book collection. So thanks, Andrew. I'm really looking forward to listening and learning at your blog.

P.S.: So now it looks like I'll be posting another Music of the Sphere tomorrow or so. Stay tuned.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quite A Few Bands With Longish Names But Also Some One-And-Two-Namers, All Excellent

So much music, so little time. Ohmeohmyoh, whatever am I gonna d--oh, sorry, didn't see you there. I was just, just, oh, never mind my tawdry little mind, let's get to it.

Cut Off Your Hands - Happy As Can Be mp3 - from Happy As Can Be EP, due 21 Oct.
International Jetsetters - Inside Out mp3 - from Heart Is Black EP, released 7 Oct., as is:
Inside Yourself mp3

Lighter Touch
Casper and the Cookies - Little King mp3 - from Modern Silence (release date still to be determined) - Thanks to three of our favorite (imaginary) girls for the headsup on this excellent Athens, GA group! And could we ever forget the following intensely pleasing number? No, we could not.
Sid from Central Park mp3
Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring - Your New Favourite Band mp3 - Thanks to Eardrums, which has some more nice ones and four superb fall compilations here and here.

Farfisa Fun
The Datsuns - Hey! Paranoid People! (What's In Your Head?) mp3 - from Head Stunts, due for release 14 Oct. - Kiwi vets
The Hospital Bombers - Neighborhood mp3 - from Footnotes, due for release 21 Oct. on the Saved By Radio label - Amsterdammers

The Henry Clay People - Something in the Water mp3 - from For Cheap or For Free, out 4 Nov.
The Orion Experience - Sugar mp3 - from Heartbreaker EP, released 30 Sept. - Thanks to Vai Godhania at Fanatic. - initially dubious, but gets its pop on

Soft Landings by Two One-Name Bands Ending in "ik"
Fredrik - Black Fur mp3 - from Swedish underground (don't be frightened), with input from Band in Box, Scraps of Tape, Vit Päls, & The LK
Koushik - Lying in the Sun mp3 - from Out My Window, released 30 Sept. on Stone's Throw - Thanks to Pitchfork!

I've been meaning to say the following for some time now:

Dear Firefoxy Ladies and Laddies,

I have no idea why my little blogchild is being mangled, distorted, and abused by Firefox. This has happened several times in pphistory but eventually seems to correct itself. We regret any disorientation, nausea, and the like this might cause you. We are bearing up as stoically as possible, which is to say, not very well.

pplist, aka "pplist"

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My First Days on My First Days on Junk. . .

. . . have been quite glorious. I don't usually say things like this to kids your age, but it must be said: These Burlington, Vermonters are pushing one of the best albums of the year, so far as yo soy concerned. Absolute shoegaze/psych/J&M Chain-style heaven. I first heard "Try Hard" at 5 Acts, bought almost the entire LP here (I'm a singles guy, as you may have noticed, so copping 8 of 13 songs on an album almost lacks precedent), followed Casey'n'Michelle's MML link to MFDoJ' s MySpace page, wrote 'em, and got MFDoJer Steve Williams' generous permission to "post a few songs" . . . "(a)s long as you don't post the whole record. . ." (exact quotes, lifted from the email). Oh, Steve, Steve, Steve, you don't know how that did tempt me. Sheer pleasant agony it was trying to figure which three (painfully self-imposed limit) to do. The first one's a no-brainer (convenient for me), a surefire hypnotic pinner. The others follow suit. Plus it all reminds me of the blissful life aquatic back in Shanghai harbour. (Me love metaphor mix, yum, smack.)

P.S.: I'll probably soon regret the inane (mostly honest) intro, so if it's no longer here, that's why.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Gimme El Goodo, Super Furry Animals, Pop Project, Cheese, Me First, Silent Kids, Bubblegum Lemonade, & Aberfeldy

Sabbath goodness:

El Goodo - Feel So Fine mp3 - from Coyote, due out 12 Jan. 09 - Welsh wizards give great handclaps + much, much more. - Thanks to Shark Party Media for letting us know. We loved, still love, and will always love these previously posted goodouns:
If I Were A Song mp3
Honey mp3
Sure, it's obvious and facile and stuff, but we simply must post again this excellent one by their Welsh buds:

The Pop Project - Hearts and Flowers mp3 - Thanks to the excellent Too Poppy for the headsup! You'll find two more by TPP there, plus an excellent review.
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - The Boxer mp3 - Yep, that pugilist, covered.

Silent Kids - Drift into the Summer mp3 - from Tomorrow Waits - Reminds me of The Spectacular Fantastic, you? Oh, yes, and in case you missed this previously posted excelente by SK:
Bubblegum Lemonade - Susan's in the Sky mp3 - title cut of EP, released 1 Sept.
Ten Years Younger mp3

Click song titles to hear songs and artist names to continue adventures.
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