Sunday, December 31, 2006

Also From Crashsite. . .feellikes

And now, as promised, "Other Artist's songs with a 'Primitives-feel, '" all from There are several others at the site. Pictured to the left are The Raveonettes.

The Raveonettes - That Great Love Sound mp3 Buy.
Los Romeos - El Demonio Está Dentro de Mí mp3
Language of Flowers - If It's Not You mp3 Buy.

The Darling Buds

As puts it, many fans of The Primitives are also buds of Welshpersons, The Darling Buds. Okay, that's not exactly how they put it, but that's the gist. Read more about TDB here. Purchase here.

The Darling Buds
Let's Go Round There mp3
Mary's Got To Go mp3

The Primitives

For two nights now I’ve been pretty much atwitter at discovering, a fansite dedicated to Coventry, England’s great 80s/90s band The Primitives. I found much there to enjoy, some of which I’d never heard before. I’m going to post in three installments: The Primitives, The Darling Buds, and the feellikes. The last is not a group per sè (notice: no green) but several groups whose feel, in the crashsiters' opinion, resembles The Primitives’. I'm posting a small selection of the many songs at crashsite. If you want The Primitives’ most famous song, “Crash,” (which got a lot of dubious exposure in the movie Dumb and Dumber) as well as the other tunes, please pay crashsite a visit. The other two installments will be posted shortly.
I know I probably don’t emote enough on this blog, but there really is some quite hot shite at crashsite. One reason I don’t emote much is because I won’t post a song here unless I like it. (I post, therefore I emote.) And I want you to decide for yourself whether you like it, free from excessive bloviating from me. (I at all times want to bloviate in precisely the right measure.) At times I can’t help myself, so thank you for putting up with it and me and such. I’ve kind of been wanting to say this for awhile, so thank you. I know, what are you gonna do, unread it? Sorry.

The Primitives
In My Dream mp3
Secrets (Demo) mp3
Way Behind Me (live) mp3

Purchase here.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Fiver: Mas Rapido!, Richard Lloyd, Electric Pop Group, Peace in Our Time, Bishop Allen

Here are five that have given pleasure the past week. The first two were recent offerings at Parasol's free downloads site, the third group has appeared in several recent "best of" lists, the fourth band I have found in various indie blogs, and the fifth is one I like by a group I've known quite awhile but am only slowly getting into. I like that "Misty Mountain Hop"-ish riff in the Mas Rapido! number. OMG, did I just point out an allusion? ¡Santa caca!

Mas Rapido! - Feel So Young mp3
Richard Lloyd - Field Of Fire mp3
The Electric Pop Group - She's Playing With Your Heart mp3
Peace in Our Time - The Days Go By So Slowly mp3
Bishop Allen - Butterfly Nets mp3

Friday, December 29, 2006

Girls at Our Best!

Why don’t we just let the ever-helpful All Music tell it like it was.
Formed in Leeds, England in 1979, the pop-punk unit Girls at Our Best! comprised vocalist Judy Evans, guitarist James Alan and bassist Gerald Swift. Originally dubbed the Butterflies, they kicked around the British punk scene, and were on the verge of disabanding when they responded to an advertisement posted by a Cambridge area recording studio offering half-off session rates. With the aid of drummer Chris Oldroyd, the group recorded two tracks, "Warm Girls" and "Getting Nowhere Fast." In the spring of 1980, the demo was released as a single on Rough Trade under the name Girls at Our Best!, an appellation taken from a lyric in "Warm Girls." With session drummer Paul Simon, the band soon re-entered the studio to cut their second single, "Politics," which like its predecessor topped the U.K. indie charts. After the permanent addition of former Expelaires drummer Carl Harper, Girls at Our Best! issued a third single, "Go for Gold," followed in 1981 by the release of their long-awaited debut LP Pleasure. Though no formal announcement of their break-up ever appeared, the record was the group's last.
I don’t remember when or where I first heard them but with each listen I like them more.

Girls at Our Best
Fast Boyfriends mp3
Go for Gold! mp3
Politics! mp3
Warm Girls mp3

06 Review, cont'd: Lovetones, Soft Lightes, Crosstide, Duke Spirit, River City Tanlines, Duels

I just now rediscovered this little cache on my Yeppers playlist. Some are a bit edgier than I usually post on this site, infinitely smoother than lots I like. Pictured are The Duke Spirit. No doubt the other groups will be insanely jealous.

Lovetones - Mantra mp3
The Soft Lightes - Black Skinheads in White Pants mp3
Crosstide - Clockwork mp3
The Duke Spirit - Cuts Across The Land mp3
River City Tanlines - Black Knight mp3
Duels Potential Futures mp3

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Second-Hand Furniture

I honestly don’t remember why I got to poking around at the Smashing Time label site (I think it was The Honeydrips) but while there I was immensely entertained by this Alingsas, Sweden band. Very twee, very nice. The only downside was to be greeted by the following.

Smashing Time has released its last record. No more Smashing releases. But, of course, you can still order the old releases through the shop. All titles that are listed in the shop, are still in stock.

We’ll try and make the best of it.

Second-Hand Furniture
Nice Try, Sunshine mp3
People Like You mp3
You Are Not the Same mp3

The Arrogants

This Huntington Beach bunch doesn’t seem at all haughty, even though their work might merit it. The first four numbers are from their debut full-length, issued late last year, the rest from their second EP. If these are a bit too ferocious for you, there are plenty more available here. The picture is certainly how I remember Huntington Beach. I went down there one week for the Annual Surfers Convention Meet. You'll never guess whom I got wiped out with. He was hangin' five, walkin' the nose, and quite proud of his trophy, the supercilious son of a surfslut.

The Arrogants
You’ve Always Known When Best to Say Goodbye
Lovesick mp3
Cool Shoes mp3
Easy mp3
Wishing Well mp3
Nobody’s Cool EP
The Distance Between Us mp3
Feels Like Falling in Love mp3

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Miss Sell-a-Knee: Languis, Men in Fur, Capricorns, Loney, Dear

A mixed bag of sounds I hope you like. Info links provided. Languis is pictured.

Languis - In the Fields of (Lonely Fences) mp3
Men in Fur - The Tiger Song mp3 (Thanks to the excellent Mira el Pendulo, which has another song by Men in Fur.)
The Capricorns - The New Sound mp3 - (Thanks to the excellent Estonian music blog, microlips, which posted this more than a year ago. Great archives and current posts!)
Loney, DearThe City, The Airport mp3

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I was delighted to find this lovely tune in my emailbox today, compliments of the excellent label, Music is My Girlfriend. It's the title song from a new 7" to be released the first day of the coming year. I. . .feel the need to share.

Celestial - Fragile Heart mp3

Monday, December 25, 2006

Best of Scandinavia & Finland, cont'd: PBJ, Madrugada, Consequences, Unbunny

With less than one scant week remaining in 06, imagine my horror to discover I had left unposted several more songs from Jim Kelly's list of Scandinavian and Finnish bests of the year. On second thought, it is to many a holiday, so please consider the imperative "imagine" as strictly optional. Anyway, just under the wire and imho well worth a listen, I offer the following four gospels. They are quite varied. You can find these and scads more bests over at Parasol Records.

Peter Bjorn and John Falling Out - Objects Of My Affection mp3
Madrugada The Nightly Disease - Nightly Disease Part II mp3
Consequences - Consequences - Parasite mp3
Unbunny - Snow Tires - Pink Lemonade mp3

Saturday, December 23, 2006

06 Review, cont'd: Petticoat, Petticoat, Division Day, The Adam Brown, Mazarin

We continue with our review of personal favorites from 2006. In case you were wondering, the following come from "Chadlist 44--from ABUILDING i, ii, iii 13 aug 06." The band names are clickable.

Petticoat, Petticoat - Glittering Heels mp3
Division Day - Colorguard mp3
The Adam Brown - Give Back My Heart (demo) mp3
Mazarin - Your Advice mp3 R.I.P.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Foxymorons, Snowglobe, Stills, Black Lips

Please forgive (or applaud) one's current disinclination to chatter on about the artists and songs. Click the band names for info. (One will say, though, the pictured band's name gives one inordinate pleasure. One will also mention, because it might be of particular interest to a certain one, that Black Lips are from Atlanta. One would also like to put Black Lips' name in black, but it might not show up. One might, however, do it anyway, just for grins. One has on previous occasions displayed an inclination toward such puerile, obscurantist tomfoolery.)

The Foxymorons - Hesitation Eyes mp3
Snowglobe - Regime mp3
The Stills - Still In Love Song mp3
Black Lips - Not a Problem mp3
Lush - For Love

Five More from Oh Five: Capitol Years, Paybacks, Pretty Please, Salteens, Reputation

A continuation of the other night's discoveries at SXSW 2005, old friends and new.

The Capitol Years - Mounds of Money mp3
The Paybacks - Bright Side mp3
The Pretty Please - The Rockstar Guide to Falling Apart mp3
The Salteens - Time You Have Been Wasting mp3
The Reputation - Face It mp3

Thursday, December 21, 2006 Avocadoclub, Legends, Marching Band, Grandaddy

Yep, that thing is pretty darned neat. Here's some evidence. (Freakin' vicious album cover, though. Shiver.)

Avocadoclub- Too Much Space to Walk Away mp3
The Legends Play it for Today mp3
Marching Band Letters mp3
GrandaddyElevate Myself mp3

Elf Power

I'm going to hope against hope and trust against trust (if that's even possible) my good friend stytzer won't mind my posting the following song. He put it in an excellent post about, which he says is posting more and more downloadable music these days. To prove it, he posted nine fine examples, including one of my very favorite songs by Athenians Elf Power. So go over and listen to the rest at Hits in the Car before the music-loving Dane visits Viking Power upside my haid.

Elf Power - Walking With The Beggar Boys - Never Believe mp3

Easters at Christmas

Earlier this month I held off posting these two songs involving primo performer/producer Mitch Easter because 3hive diligently got to them first. A decent interval has long since passed, though, so here they are here. Background information can be found at my previous post and the links provided. Easter's new album, Dynamico, is due for release next month.

Mitch Easter - Dynamico - Sudden Crown Drop mp3
Shalini - Metal Corner - Downed mp3

Field Music

The Brothers Brewis’ second self-produced album is due out one month from tomorrow. Let’s hear the first cut from Tones of Town plus a couple from their self-titled debut to remind ourselves of the Sunderland, England trio’s goods. (Keyboardist Andrew Moore joins Peter and David in rounding out the group.) You will find more downloadables at their website.

Field Music - Tones of Town - Give It Lose It Take It mp3
You Can Decide mp3
Shorter Shorter mp3

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Shakes

Well, wouldn’t you know it: I get The Shakes just in time to lose them. Apparently the trio from Ulster are in the process of splitting up, although they do hold out a smidge of hope for future doings. Whatever happens, it’ll be fun while it lasts. Their influences are of high pedigree: The Clash, Ramones, Supergrass, Nirvana, Hendrix, and Super Furry Animals, among others. The excellent mp3hugger put me in touch, so go there to hear and/or download the terrific “Shine.” And at some point in time, you might want to bend ear toward the two below. Put the pair together if the Yuletide season gets too mellow to bear. You’ll also find some more Shakes here.

The Shakes
Army of Two mp3
Incite A Riot mp3

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Deathray Davies

I wanted to put this one in the previous post, but it seemed to want to be alone. You can see the video to this song here.

The Deathray Davies - I Regret the Day I Tried to Steal Daniel's Ego mp3

epo-555, Panda Band, Oranges Band, Limbeck, & Crooked Fingers

Somehow or the other I found myself at the SXSW 2005 Archives last night. It was fun finding some groups I’ve come to love and thinking, "Ah, so that’s when and where it happened!" while also finding a few newbies (new to me, at least) and a couple of long-time friends as well. It doesn’t matter which are which but I do hope you find something here you like, too.

epo-555 - le beats on fire mp3
The Panda Band - Eyelashes mp3
The Oranges Band - OK Apartment mp3
Limbeck - Julia mp3
Crooked Fingers - Call To Love mp3

Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Monday: Candy Bars, Ballet, Traening, Wintergreen, Specific Heats

Not much time for commentary these days (you're welcome), so we'll get right to the music. Just had dindin, so I'm thinking dessert. (Candy Bars, left)

Candy Bars - Violets mp3
The Ballet - In My Head mp3
Traening - And Somewhat Younger mp3
Wintergreen - Droning Straight mp3
The Specific Heats - Take The Wheel mp3

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Coupla AmpCampers: Sloan & Apples in Stereo

Many thanks to AmpCamp for making these available.

Sloan - Never Hear the End of It - Can't You Figure It Out? mp3
The Apples in Stereo - Holiday Mood mp3


I seem to recall a lot of hoohah over this band earlier in the year as lots of bloggers ripped them apart. Too bad, I think it’s kind of a fun song.

Morningwood - Nth Degree mp3

Psunday Psych

Well. . .

Typewriter - Gangway (from Shadowland) mp3
MONO - Com mp3
Robin Guthrie - Continental mp3
Coastal - Northern mp3

The Meeting Places

L. A. noisepoppers The Meeting Places released Numbered Days, their second full-length album, in October, continuing and extending the moody atmospherics of Find Yourself Along the Way. No doubt you will be as excited as I to know that, according to their MySpace site, they liken their sound to, and I quote, “GzrunkkkkkSssssiissssssssbrrrgsissssssssssss...” Oh, yessssssssssssss. Oh, God, yessssssssssssss.

The Meeting Places
Find Yourself Along the Way
On Our Own mp3
Numbered Days
Hall of Fame mp3
See Through You mp3

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Okay, here we go, again from the Pacific Northwest and again from Portland, yet another outstanding new band. Saturna grabbed quick and wouldn’t let go and that was mighty fine. Their MySpace page lists influences that are a Who’s Who of my personal favorites, including Ride, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Stone Roses, Built to Spill, My Bloody Valentine, The Dandy Warhols, Catherine Wheel, Lush, Swervedriver, Sloan, and Ladytron. They note at their blog that they are December’s Featured Artist of the Month at Skidmark, a UK indie music site, and I was excited to learn they have more songs in production. Bring ‘em on.

Chasing the Unpredictable mp3
Pop Rocks mp3
Blanket of Stars mp3

Timid Tiger Two

After favorable response to the earlier posting of Timid Tiger, I'm happy to post two more. I hope you (singular and plural) enjoy these, too.

Timid Tiger
Miss Murray mp3
Kelly mp3

Friday, December 15, 2006

Words on Music: Lucy Show, For Against, Should, Typewriter

While tracking down another group I shall post later, I found myself at the Words on Music label website and was awfully glad I did. In fact, I’m not really sure if I have words sufficient, so I’ll let the music do the talking. Enjoy.

The Lucy Show - Mania
Land and the Life mp3
Melody mp3
For Against - December
Clandestine High Holy mp3
Sabres mp3
Should - Feed Like Fishes - Both Eyes Open mp3
Typewriter - A Houseguest's Wish - Outdoor Miner (Wire cover) mp3

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jets Overhead

I guess I should maybe save this until the next Psunday Psych, but what the heck. This Victoria, BC five-piece not only puts out good vibes, they put them out for free. You can find their whole first full-length, EP, and assorted demos and instrumentals at their website. Here are the ones I liked best..

Jets Overhead
Jets Overhead EP
Addiction mp3
Mirror Mirror mp3
Killing Time mp3
Blue is Red mp3

Music is My Girlfriend: Annemarie + celestial + Starflower + Stars in Coma + The San Marinos

I wasn’t really expecting a new relationship, but this one has brought unexpected pleasures. It began with the excellent *Sixeyes introducing me to Annemarie in a recent post and proceeded from there. I loved the Indonesians’ music and attitude, and it was love at first listen. Following the trail over to their record label’s website, whom do I find at Music is My Girlfriend but friends I’ve been relating to for some time now? You might have, too, but in case not, here they are. *Sixeyes still has two other of Annemarie’s songs, and the MIMG label site has a lot more downloadables available.

Annemarie - The Living Model mp3
celestial - nothing happens; twice mp3
Starflower - Dance Til Morning Light mp3
Stars in Coma - I Saw My Heart Passing By mp3
The San Marinos - Half A Million mp3

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Hard Tomorrows

Washington, D. C.’s (you know, capital of the USA…just thought I’d mention) The Hard Tomorrows released their first full-length, Lights Out, back in September. Soon thereafter, they were XM Radio's Artist of the Week. They list their influences as Radiant Black Hooker, DJ Sno-Cone, Jugazi, Electric Fancy-Boy Ropeswing Wedgie, Slingshott, and Poni and liken their sound to "CRUNCHBOX and God getting tazed." It’s possible that the following notice at their MySpace site is not apocryphal. And that it is. Or something.
Twenty-four year old Jesus Crisis, keyboardist and conceptual disorganist for local pop band the Hard Tomorrows, was apprehended late Monday afternoon near the Panda habitat at DC's National Zoo after launching a furious verbal assault on the zoo's 16-month-old Panda cub, Tai Shan. The eccentric musician was caught on tape taunting the young cub: "Don't you see the deep evil surrounding your harem of sycophants and googley-eyed onlookers? You're one of trillions of life-forms on this filthy glittering globe. Shall I scale this divider and destroy you, or will you allow your keepers to do that gradually, pathetically, like candy left to rot in a vending machine?"
Thanks to 5 Acts for the alert on this band.

The Hard Tomorrows
Patterns mp3
Put Yourself Out mp3

2006 in Review, cont'd

Continuing our look back on 2006, here are five more songs I particularly liked. Links are provided.

Dirty on Purpose - Girls & Sunshine mp3
I’m From Barcelona We’re From Barcelona wma
Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken mp3
The Situation Cherry mp3
Animal Alpha - Bundys mp3

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Handful: Galactic Heroes, Irving, Village Green, Weepies, Brokedown

Here’s another handful I’d been hunting awhile and have finally run to earth. At left, The Weepies in a less briny moment.

The Galactic Heroes - Sum of Your Parts mp3
Irving - Situation mp3
The Village Green - Under The Covers mp3
The Weepies - World Spins Madly Around mp3
The Brokedown - Down in the Valley mp3

The Solids

You’ve maybe heard this LA-based group’s “Hey Beautiful,” which is the opening theme song to the Monday night CBS show, How I Met Your Mother. You can stream it over at their MySpace site. Tempting though it might be, I shall make no facile allusions to the group’s name. But I listen with pleasure.

The Solids
The Future is Now mp3
Dishwasher mp3

Monday, December 11, 2006


Late last month Helsinki’s Treeball released their second album of the year and are offering up all ten songs for free at their website. Lest you think that suggests suspect value, check out the following and then the others.

Treeball - I Dream of Eclectic Sheep
Favourite Enemy mp3
Soul to Heaven mp3

Timid Tiger

The name is ironic, like Pi's.

Timid Tiger
Let The City Save Us mp3
Combat Songs and Traffic mp3

Vibe Central

Wintertime fun at the zoo. (Maybe we'll see Paul and Art, since, you know, it's all happening there.) You think these VC are weird, you oughta see what else their label wants to put in you. Thanks to the excellent extrawack for the ticket.

Vibe CentralA Flamingo mp3

Welcome, Citizen Snob

The eye and ear of welcome are extended to new blog, Citizen Snob, found in two places in the links to the right. These guys have excellent and omnivorous musical taste, mostly along the lines of the songs posted here, but with added attractions. I must warn you that Citizen Snob Radio does come with risks. The first couple of hours I tuned in, I could barely get anything done around the house, like eat and stuff (okay, that's redundant). As soon as I'd hear a new song come on, I'd be racing back to the computer to check it out, always to delight. Come to think of it, the only risk might be losing weight, if such things are even important. I’m with you, fellas.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Devo - The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise

Welcome, Evil One

My little heart went pitty-pat when I saw someone had linked to me and I didn’t even know it. I’m new to this, see. But apparently Janne over at Evil Robotics is not. He’s back and in English and he’s got his followers a bit stirred up about that, but I guarantee you he’s got some great stuff a-posting. A satisfying visit revealed what I like most in a blog: we like a lot of the same stuff but he’s also introducing me to things I hadn’t heard of yet. Also, he's ranging from indie to death metal. Satisfying indeed. Thanks for linking, Janne. I’ll be seeing you regularly. And who knows, maybe other mystery linkers lurk out there. I’ll be sure to let y'all know.

Seattle's SHIM

Here’s a slinky little groover that’ll getcha elevated. Thanks to Gary over at Seattle Powerpop for tuning me in. Let freedom ring!

SHIM - Something to Hide (demo)

Camp Radio

I found them browsing at the Kelp Records site. Well, I was browsing, they were just sitting there waiting for me. They insisted on the incognito thing. Here’s from their MySpace site:
Featuring three of Ottawa, Canada's most prolific musicians, Camp Radio is a powerful rock tour-de-force harkening back to the glory days of The Nils and Hüsker Dü. Formed in early 2005, the group includes Chris Page on guitar and vocals, Dave Draves on bass, and Scott Terry behind the drum kit.
I’ve got to check out that reference to The Nils, whose “River of Sadness” was an oddly affecting little number from the late 80s.

Camp RadioCamp Radio
Cons at the New Moon mp3
On the Landing Strip mp3

The Spectacular Fantastic

Three from some of my earliest playlists of this year. I love these Cincinnatians’ unstudied insouciance and the way their understated name so lowers expectations while vastly exceeding them. They cite as influences “the five food groups.” More free and legals are available at their band and MySpace sites.

The Spectacular Fantastic
You mp3
Winter Song mp3
Darkest Hour mp3

Bomps!: Col. Knowledge, Stoneage Hearts, Bloody Hollies, & All Tomorrow's Party

Here are four good ones I recently found at Bomp! Records. The last two are possibly a bit more, um, drastic, than might suit some of you poppers. You've been warned. You'll find more freebies here. Info can be obtained by clicking the band names.

Col. Knowledge & The Lickity Splits - Some Day There Will Come A Time mp3
The Stoneage Hearts - Eye Of A Lie mp3
The Bloody Hollies - Satanic Satellite mp3
All Tomorrow's Party - Light Of Love mp3

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Sky Drops. . .

. . .and we like it. Wandering through MySpace, I found these Wilmington, Delawareans to be friends of The Telescopes, who are friends of The Jesus and Mary Chain. And any friend of a friend of TJ&MC, etc. . . I already had them from earlier in the year and liked them then, too. Besides, my shoes are getting dead scruffy. Their website likens this male/female duo to The Everly Brothers. Your call.

The Sky Drops
Now Would Be mp3
Green to Red mp3
Hang On mp3

Land of Talk

Here's pleasing fare from Paste Magazine's Band of the Week. At their MySpace site, the ceaselessly touring Montrealers characterize themselves thusly:
Where Rock meets Rock. Fronted by the daughter of North America's first female alligator wrestler. Backed by Montreal's skinniest drummer and fattest bass player. Land of Talk are a very good band to listen to. Ha.
Land of Talk - Applause Cheers Boo Hiss
Speak to Me Bones mp3
Breaxxbaxx - stream at MySpace; links removed
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