Friday, December 22, 2006

Foxymorons, Snowglobe, Stills, Black Lips

Please forgive (or applaud) one's current disinclination to chatter on about the artists and songs. Click the band names for info. (One will say, though, the pictured band's name gives one inordinate pleasure. One will also mention, because it might be of particular interest to a certain one, that Black Lips are from Atlanta. One would also like to put Black Lips' name in black, but it might not show up. One might, however, do it anyway, just for grins. One has on previous occasions displayed an inclination toward such puerile, obscurantist tomfoolery.)

The Foxymorons - Hesitation Eyes mp3
Snowglobe - Regime mp3
The Stills - Still In Love Song mp3
Black Lips - Not a Problem mp3


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Thanks. I'm glad you like!

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