Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Few Faves of 06

Unless something drastic happens, I’m not planning a Best of 2006 list. I only started this blog six weeks ago and wasn’t really keeping track of what’s this year and what wasn’t. Maybe next year. Plenty are available to satisfy even the most rabid listomaniac. If you want to see some so far, check out the excellent Largehearted Boy’s list of lists. I might, though, go back through my playlists for the year and pick out some of my favorites, in no particular order. This could take awhile, as there are hundreds. Here's a handful I rustled up today. That's your basic Casper and the Cookies in that there picture.

Casper and the CookiesSid from Central Park mp3
Washington Social Club - Simple Sound mp3 –At page, click "Download," then “Stream” to listen; if you like it, click “Download to my computer.” Very nice song.
Dyrdin - Bubble Girl mp3
Lucky Lucky Pigeons - N to the ICE mp3
Relay - Context mp3

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