Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Hard Tomorrows

Washington, D. C.’s (you know, capital of the USA…just thought I’d mention) The Hard Tomorrows released their first full-length, Lights Out, back in September. Soon thereafter, they were XM Radio's Artist of the Week. They list their influences as Radiant Black Hooker, DJ Sno-Cone, Jugazi, Electric Fancy-Boy Ropeswing Wedgie, Slingshott, and Poni and liken their sound to "CRUNCHBOX and God getting tazed." It’s possible that the following notice at their MySpace site is not apocryphal. And that it is. Or something.
Twenty-four year old Jesus Crisis, keyboardist and conceptual disorganist for local pop band the Hard Tomorrows, was apprehended late Monday afternoon near the Panda habitat at DC's National Zoo after launching a furious verbal assault on the zoo's 16-month-old Panda cub, Tai Shan. The eccentric musician was caught on tape taunting the young cub: "Don't you see the deep evil surrounding your harem of sycophants and googley-eyed onlookers? You're one of trillions of life-forms on this filthy glittering globe. Shall I scale this divider and destroy you, or will you allow your keepers to do that gradually, pathetically, like candy left to rot in a vending machine?"
Thanks to 5 Acts for the alert on this band.

The Hard Tomorrows
Patterns mp3
Put Yourself Out mp3

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