Monday, December 04, 2006

Hello Saferide

Commas are so last century. But I digress. This is very pleasing, and sometimes that’s enough. S. Vega-esque but with less consequence. Annika Norlin has a voice full of wonder and repeated surprise. I read all the lyrics posted at the band website and emerged quite intact. You don’t think too deeply but you do feel with her. HS's MySpace site claims one song made men feel quite upset. . .that they weren’t lesbians. (I’m not posting that one.) I do like what I hear here.

Hello Saferide - Introducing Hello Saferide
San Francisco mp3
Highschool Stalker mp3


Anonymous said...

oh man. check out the song 'long lost penpal' by hello saferide. it's so sad and sweet. i cried an ocean when i first heard this song. and i can't play it again without playing it ten more times.
it's that good, man.

ps. i was the anonymous one from the mitch easter post.

pps. also from the smithereens post. did you check out 'in a lonely place' already?

pplist said...

Thanks for the recommendation. You're right, "Long Lost Penpal" is beautiful. I found it at the following.

I've loved "In a Lonely Place" for many a year now. There's not much by The Smithereens I don't love, although I guess I like the first three albums best. Their EP, BEAUTY AND SADNESS is excellent as well and although out of print, is available at Amazon for as low as $1.15 plus S&H.

Thanks for your comments.

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