Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Arrogants

This Huntington Beach bunch doesn’t seem at all haughty, even though their work might merit it. The first four numbers are from their debut full-length, issued late last year, the rest from their second EP. If these are a bit too ferocious for you, there are plenty more available here. The picture is certainly how I remember Huntington Beach. I went down there one week for the Annual Surfers Convention Meet. You'll never guess whom I got wiped out with. He was hangin' five, walkin' the nose, and quite proud of his trophy, the supercilious son of a surfslut.

The Arrogants
You’ve Always Known When Best to Say Goodbye
Lovesick mp3
Cool Shoes mp3
Easy mp3
Wishing Well mp3
Nobody’s Cool EP
The Distance Between Us mp3
Feels Like Falling in Love mp3

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