Saturday, December 30, 2006

Fiver: Mas Rapido!, Richard Lloyd, Electric Pop Group, Peace in Our Time, Bishop Allen

Here are five that have given pleasure the past week. The first two were recent offerings at Parasol's free downloads site, the third group has appeared in several recent "best of" lists, the fourth band I have found in various indie blogs, and the fifth is one I like by a group I've known quite awhile but am only slowly getting into. I like that "Misty Mountain Hop"-ish riff in the Mas Rapido! number. OMG, did I just point out an allusion? ¡Santa caca!

Mas Rapido! - Feel So Young mp3
Richard Lloyd - Field Of Fire mp3
The Electric Pop Group - She's Playing With Your Heart mp3
Peace in Our Time - The Days Go By So Slowly mp3
Bishop Allen - Butterfly Nets mp3

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