Thursday, December 14, 2006

Music is My Girlfriend: Annemarie + celestial + Starflower + Stars in Coma + The San Marinos

I wasn’t really expecting a new relationship, but this one has brought unexpected pleasures. It began with the excellent *Sixeyes introducing me to Annemarie in a recent post and proceeded from there. I loved the Indonesians’ music and attitude, and it was love at first listen. Following the trail over to their record label’s website, whom do I find at Music is My Girlfriend but friends I’ve been relating to for some time now? You might have, too, but in case not, here they are. *Sixeyes still has two other of Annemarie’s songs, and the MIMG label site has a lot more downloadables available.

Annemarie - The Living Model mp3
celestial - nothing happens; twice mp3
Starflower - Dance Til Morning Light mp3
Stars in Coma - I Saw My Heart Passing By mp3
The San Marinos - Half A Million mp3

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