Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More Shoes!

I think I made it pretty clear last month how much seminal powerpoppers Shoes mean to me. Okay, that would be impossible, but I tried. I’m not sure if their MySpace page was up at the time, but it has four excellent early Shoes songs. Even long-time footwear aficionados will enjoy the two Bomp! 7” releases of “Okay” and “Tomorrow Night,” both of which appeared in different versions on their first and second albums respectively (Black Vinyl Shoes and Present Tense). The other two excellent songs are also from the first two albums, as indicated below. The article last month contains information about exciting new releases by Shoes, just in time for Christmas shopping.

Okay – Bomp! 7” single, 1978 mp3
Tomorrow Night – Bomp! 7” single, 1978 mp3
Black Vinyl Shoes (1977) – Boys Don’t Lie mp3
Present Tense (1979) – Too Late mp3

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