Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Primitives

For two nights now I’ve been pretty much atwitter at discovering, a fansite dedicated to Coventry, England’s great 80s/90s band The Primitives. I found much there to enjoy, some of which I’d never heard before. I’m going to post in three installments: The Primitives, The Darling Buds, and the feellikes. The last is not a group per sè (notice: no green) but several groups whose feel, in the crashsiters' opinion, resembles The Primitives’. I'm posting a small selection of the many songs at crashsite. If you want The Primitives’ most famous song, “Crash,” (which got a lot of dubious exposure in the movie Dumb and Dumber) as well as the other tunes, please pay crashsite a visit. The other two installments will be posted shortly.
I know I probably don’t emote enough on this blog, but there really is some quite hot shite at crashsite. One reason I don’t emote much is because I won’t post a song here unless I like it. (I post, therefore I emote.) And I want you to decide for yourself whether you like it, free from excessive bloviating from me. (I at all times want to bloviate in precisely the right measure.) At times I can’t help myself, so thank you for putting up with it and me and such. I’ve kind of been wanting to say this for awhile, so thank you. I know, what are you gonna do, unread it? Sorry.

The Primitives
In My Dream mp3
Secrets (Demo) mp3
Way Behind Me (live) mp3

Purchase here.


Crashsite said...

Thanks for the mention. The mp3 page has been updated with other tracks to listen to.

pplist said...

You're thanking ME for one of the most gratifying discoveries in a coon's age? Okay, you're welcome. But the thanks flows floodlike in your direction, crashsite! Keep up the fabulous work. (And purty please, post "Thru' the Flowers," my alltime Primitives fave. With sugar and spice and everything naughty. Hmmmmm?)

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