Thursday, January 26, 2012

Summer Twins Warm Our Winter

Oh, but we do care, and very much, for this nifty number by Riverside siblings Chelsea and Justine Brown. The song is from their self-titled Burger Records debut, which you can stream here and purchase here. Six more free and legals are downloadable at Bandcamp. The Twins will be joining The Nerves' reunion tour this Spring, featuring powerpop legends Paul Collins and Peter Case. Thanks to Christen Thomas at Press Wolf PR for the headsup.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Music of the Sphere: Deleted WG, Ride, Yuck, Girls, GbV, Chad & J, Ghost W, M Crenshaw, FOW, Even, Doozies, Ketamines, Sinead O'C, et. al. . . .

Butterface's li'l sister, Excepter

There must always be a catalyst, right? (The correct answer = "Right.") In this case it's finding one of our latest eMusic purchases over at mp3hugger (see below). As previously noted, the hugger don't keep 'em posted for more than a few days, so go check out ". . .Funky Hairdo" now, and we do mean then. (You're probably already too late.) Thanks to all these great bloggers for the tuneage.

Deleted Waveform Gatherings - Brand New Funky Hairdo - mp3hugger

Marshall Crenshaw - Someday, Someway - Popdose

Chad and Jeremy - Yesterday's Gone - You Must Be From Away

Veronica Falls - Thorn In My Side - Raven Sings the Blues

Ghost Wave - Hippy - Rose Quartz - Scroll to #6.

Ketamines - Line By Line - The Finest Kiss
- Scroll to #20.

Ride - Seagull - The Decibel Tolls - Scroll to 2011 Reissues #6.

The Doozies - Independence Day - Said the Gramophone
Sinead O'Connor - Mandinka - Said the Gramophone

Bouncing Souls - Low Life - Battle of the Midwestern Housewives
Bouncing Souls - The New Thing - Battle of the Midwestern Housewives

Fountains of Wayne - Little Red Light - Peter's Power Pop
Even - Little Red Taxi - Peter's Power Pop
The Black Diamonds - See The Way - Peter's Power Pop

Girls - Honey Bunny - Music for Kids Who Cant Read Good - Scroll to #18.
Yuck - Holing Out - Music for Kids Who Cant Read Good - Scroll to #40.
Guided by Voices - Exit Flagger & Glad Girls & My Valuable Hunting Knife & Echos Myron - Music for Kids Who Cant Read Good - plus some others on Taylor's Quintessential GbV post

Monday, January 23, 2012

Cardinal's Red Letter Day

from 23 January release
Fire Records

We heard this excellent song streaming at a faveblog several weeks ago and had it slated for purchase on dropday, i.e., this one. Imagine, then, our pleasure at finding it nestled in our emailbox this very day, compliments of the ever-generous Team Clermont. Cardinal, viz., Richard Davies and Eric Matthews, put out their debut album 18 years ago and waited a bit to follow up. Read the story and grip another fine song here.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Plimsouls' Magic Touch

Here's one from the primo L.A. poppers' forthcoming 16-song live album, Beach Town Confidential, due out on 7 February on Alive Records. We're especially enjoying the persistent guitar's happy hook diddling our left ear. You? Click that down arrow to download it.

The Plimsouls - Magic Touch by Pavement PR

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

From When The Sun Hits Compilations: Famous & The Sunshine Factory

The excellent shoegaze blog When The Sun Hits has released two compilations, both available for free downloading at Bandcamp. A third is due to drop tomorrow. Here are a couple of poppier items that caught our ears. Many thanks to Amber and Danny for making them available.

WTSH teased us with a promise of more information about Famous, and we're confident we're gonna get it.

As you (might) know, we've spilled sweet cyber over superb Mobile gazers, The Sunshine Factory. The song below can be found at both WTSH's 200,000 Gazes, Volume I Bandcamp site and at one of The Sunshine Factory's Bandcamp pages as a "name your price" download.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Holy Wave Makes the Cut

We just came across this Austin (Texas) psychpop outfit over at NWMusicDX and really like what we're hearing. Do the widget thing and, if you like, left-click the Sonicbids mp3 link to download.

The Sonicbids site has three more free and legal downloads. Simply (or complicatedly) click here.

Holy Wave's Bandcamp page has the entire Knife Hits LP ready to stream. It just dropped yesterday, which, if you think about it, makes it a relatively recent release (rrr). Here's one we're bullish on.

So there you have it: some cuts to listen to, download, and further explore. Any way you slice it, we think even Dex would be tickled pink.

Friday, January 06, 2012

We'll Gladly Be La Sera's Third, Fourth, Fifth, Whatever

from forthcoming sophomore LP
Sees The Light
due 24 March on
Hardly Art Records

Hardly Art says the new album will be "more direct, more aggressive" than last year's, dreamier eponymous debut. Either way's fine with us. Speaking of the debut, we're still adoring this previously posted beauty.

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