Friday, January 06, 2012

We'll Gladly Be La Sera's Third, Fourth, Fifth, Whatever

from forthcoming sophomore LP
Sees The Light
due 24 March on
Hardly Art Records

Hardly Art says the new album will be "more direct, more aggressive" than last year's, dreamier eponymous debut. Either way's fine with us. Speaking of the debut, we're still adoring this previously posted beauty.


Rinjo Njori! said...

Dreamy = code for boring

pplist said...

I, too, tend to prefer uptempo stuff, Rinjo, which is probably one reason you and I have a musical compatibility rating of “Very High.” So, yes, sometimes “dreamy” can mean “boring,” but not always. In some instances one man’s dreamy/boring gets another man creamy/soaring. (Women, infants, and children, too). I’m thinking of wonders like “#9 Dream,” “Julia Dream,” “Sparky’s Dream,” “Dream All Day,” etc., etc., etc., and not just because each has the word in the title. Also, I noticed that you rather seem to like both La Sera and their self-titled debut, with 35 scrobbles of songs from the album, including five of “Never Come Around.” I get what you said about the scrobblecrunchers' seeming unreliability (e.g., the Olivia Tremor Control/Black Flag messup you noted), but would you intentionally listen to boring music even half that many times? Or maybe I simply used the wrong word to characterize La Sera’s debut? (Actually I said “dreamiER, but I’ve babbled enough for one reply.) I genuinely appreciate your comment, even if you now loathe me from the depths of your being. You did invite chat at last, and so have I done as never before on this blogchild of mi-ee-yine. I would also like to say that long have I loved Slave to Shuffle (and hated to see the earlier incarnation cease) and love what you’re doing at I Blog Econo.

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