Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Music of the Sphere: Deleted WG, Ride, Yuck, Girls, GbV, Chad & J, Ghost W, M Crenshaw, FOW, Even, Doozies, Ketamines, Sinead O'C, et. al. . . .

Butterface's li'l sister, Excepter

There must always be a catalyst, right? (The correct answer = "Right.") In this case it's finding one of our latest eMusic purchases over at mp3hugger (see below). As previously noted, the hugger don't keep 'em posted for more than a few days, so go check out ". . .Funky Hairdo" now, and we do mean then. (You're probably already too late.) Thanks to all these great bloggers for the tuneage.

Deleted Waveform Gatherings - Brand New Funky Hairdo - mp3hugger

Marshall Crenshaw - Someday, Someway - Popdose

Chad and Jeremy - Yesterday's Gone - You Must Be From Away

Veronica Falls - Thorn In My Side - Raven Sings the Blues

Ghost Wave - Hippy - Rose Quartz - Scroll to #6.

Ketamines - Line By Line - The Finest Kiss
- Scroll to #20.

Ride - Seagull - The Decibel Tolls - Scroll to 2011 Reissues #6.

The Doozies - Independence Day - Said the Gramophone
Sinead O'Connor - Mandinka - Said the Gramophone

Bouncing Souls - Low Life - Battle of the Midwestern Housewives
Bouncing Souls - The New Thing - Battle of the Midwestern Housewives

Fountains of Wayne - Little Red Light - Peter's Power Pop
Even - Little Red Taxi - Peter's Power Pop
The Black Diamonds - See The Way - Peter's Power Pop

Girls - Honey Bunny - Music for Kids Who Cant Read Good - Scroll to #18.
Yuck - Holing Out - Music for Kids Who Cant Read Good - Scroll to #40.
Guided by Voices - Exit Flagger & Glad Girls & My Valuable Hunting Knife & Echos Myron - Music for Kids Who Cant Read Good - plus some others on Taylor's Quintessential GbV post

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