Friday, December 09, 2016

Bearded by Cellar Door Moon Crow

One glance at the beards and we were like, "No way, Josefina." A couple of minutes later we noticed our glutei maximi had been rocked off and were rolling across the floor. And we felt good about it. We found Sheffield brahs Phil and Tommy Goodwin (not sure which is which in the pic) over at new-to-us blog 50ThirdAnd3rd, which we found via new-to-us Bandcamper and Podcaster Erin, a fellow sisterly devotee of The Orange Kyte. So here we go; just hold on to your seat (or something).

Oh, and here's the new song by The Orange Kyte that kind of got this new episode rolling, rolling, rolling.


johnnybgoode said...

Merry Christmas PPlist!

pplist said...

Thanks, JB. May all twelve of yours be super!

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