Thursday, May 21, 2015

Still Afloat at SoundCloud: Dead Parties, Colored Lights, Funeral Advantage, Averkiou, King Kartel, Tusks

We've struggled through the week regretting we hadn't shared with you all we'd recently found at SoundCloud. So let us try and make partial amends with a baker's handful of songs we're loving. This still isn't all we've found there, so the struggle continues.

That previous one we posted by these Barcelonaussie charmerchimers is still downloadable here.

Freely download the Norsemen's song here.

Face off with the Beantown band here.

We recently posted some seven-year old songs by this Gainesville group 
with the unpronounceable name. This younger song is downloadable here.

We also posted one previously by this Manchester band, and it's still here!!!

Visit the excellent Brighton band here.
Update: They seem to have negated its freebietude. Usually 
we respond in kind, but what the Hades, let it stand.

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