Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Fave Flaves from Ice Cream Man's Latest Compilation (Phase 3***): The Duke Of Surl, The Martial Arts, The Strawberry Mynde, Vista Blue, The Brighton Arms, The Sitting Tenants, Andrew Taylor, Marauders, The Somersault Boy, The Hounds

Here is our third installment of favorite flavors from Rocking Road, the superb 126-song compilation by Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More's head creamer, Wayne Lundquist Ford. Many thanks to Wayne and the talented artists for making these songs available for free and legal download. As in our previous posts, we begin with the entire comp and then delineate the next batch of favorites.


#98 - 









***in which Doris foments civil war between the rolled oats and the steel-cut oats and things get a lit-tle nasty.

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