Monday, July 31, 2017

Fave Flaves from Ice Cream Man's Latest Compilation (Phase 2***): Colour Me Wednesday, The Buzz, First In Space, Mainline, Richard Turgeon, Budgie City FC, Walker Brigade, Glenn Robinson, Rob Clarke and The Wooltones, The Bookends

Hello and behold the second batch of our favorite songs from Ice Cream Man Wayne Lundquist Ford's fabulous compilation, Rocking Road. As before, we'll post the entire 126-song comp, followed by our second set of favorites. If you'd rather go straight to the relevant Bandcamp page, click here. Again, many thanks to The Cool One and the wonderful musicians for making these songs available for free download.

We're longtime fans of this West London band. Check out our previous posts (with free downloadables and a much-played, much-enjoyed video of "Purge Your Inner Tory.")







Click here to see previous posts with free downloads from this Providence R. I. rocker.

Click here to see previous posts featuring this excellent band of Liverpudlians.


***in which the oats get Doris


Anonymous said...

A 1,000,000 thanks from the

pplist said...

No, no, no, no, no, The Walker Brigade, that many thanks to YOU for the excellent music. But, hey, I got a question for you. What happened to your Bandcamp page??? I put "Voodoo Doll" into my July 2017 Faves Playlist at Playmoss, but when I just checked, it wouldn't play because it was no longer at Bandcamp. I did find it at SoundCloud and dropped that into the playlist, but what about people who want to BUY it? Inquiring mind wanta know.

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