Saturday, July 29, 2017

Fave Flaves from Ice Cream Man's Latest Compilation (Phase 1***): Jose Estragos, Spygenius, The Ace, The Brigadier, Tommy Sistak, Angostura Bitters, Vista Blue, Goldstoned, The Four Chords, The Smart Folk

For the third summer in a row, Ice Cream Man Wayne Lundquist Ford has dropped a superb compilation of powerpop, poppsych, janglerock, and various other genres for free download. Rocking Road (get it: Rocky Road . . . ice cream, yepsir) has 126 lickalicious songs, and earlier today we sampled them all and compiled a playlist of our 40 favorites. We'll do a series of posts highlighting these favorites, and you take it from there.

We're suggesting several options.

1. If you'd prefer to go straight to the compilation's Bandcamp page, click here. You can listen to each song and download the ones you like individually or go ahead and download the whole caboodle.
2. Listen to all 126 songs in the first widget below. Download the entire compilation by clicking "download."
3. Check out the ten individual favorites we posted below. If you like one, click the songtitle to go to its free download page.
4. Come up with your own plan or none at all.

We already hailed him on Facebook but want to thank Wayne again for the hard work, thoughtfulness, and generosity that went into this project. We also thank the talented artists for making their songs available for free download. Be sure to check out Wayne's Ice Cream Man blog here and listen to podcasts of his excellent weekly radio show. See our previous posts of Ice Cream Man faves here, here, and here.











***in which Doris gets her oats.


Wayne Lundqvist Ford said...

Many thanks for your kind words and support, it all goes a long way to ensuring these bands have a platform and are heard far and wide. x

pplist said...

You're welcome, and again (and again), thank YOU, Wayne.

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