Friday, August 05, 2011

The Fantasies Come to Life (Again)

This Northampton band continues to be as elusive as most of our fantasies but they also continue to fulfill our musical ones quite splendidly. It took a while, but we just read a very nice email from the band. The missive contained the precious Bandcamp link to their just-released Earth Life EP, along with a note saying (and we quote in full), "thanks for writing about us before." "before," of course, refers to this post, which features what is turning out to be one of our very favorite of the thousand+ songs we've acquired so far this year, the fantastic "Tick Tock." What the heck, here it is.

Click to listen & download: The Fantasies - Tick Tock mp3

We're also posting below two tunes we "dig" from the new EP. You can easily get the third (plus some previous singles) by clicking the Bandcamp link. We could tell you all kinds of stuff about the songs, but why bother when your own ears can do that so much more eloquently than we ever could do. We readily and humbly admit, though, that the Master of Bubblegumiana, MrQwerty over at Power Pop Review, could quite possibly give even your ears a run for their money. Simply comparing his review of the Warm Fuzzies with ours will show you what we mean. We've no doubt which one you'd chews. Dude knows his 'Gum. We've kind of digressed, but not really.

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