Saturday, September 03, 2011

Catch Tiger Waves

Wave at Tiger Waves.

Update, 31jan18 - Some of what's written below is out-of-date. But the LP is available for free download here. Gracious.

We found this Austin/Chicago outfit over at the ever-reliable Rollo & Grady. (Thanks, Rollo. You, too, Grady.) It was love at first listen.

We would now like to provide three options:

1) You can cut to the chase, i. e., Bandcamp, and, free of charge, bag the entire twelve-song LP, Only The Good Bands Have Animal Names, in one fell swoop or something. (Actually, we can think of lots of crap bands with animal names, but Tiger Waves ain't one of them--oh, no, no, no, far from it, very far indeed--so we'll leave our quibbling at that.)

2) You can grab three of their songs at the previously mentioned Rollo & Grady.

3) You can sample the three widgeted ditties we've embedded and decide what to do next. (It's quite possible you've already begun this process.) Please be aware that although the word "Download" is not mentioned in the three widgets, you can download the entire LP for free at Bandcamp, at least for now. You have to download the entire LP in the aforementioned one fell swoop, which is a really great and pleasurable thing. Of course you can also Buy each song separately if you like, so please follow your own animal instincts, yeah?

BTW (and we are not, repeat, not quibbling), we sometimes get a little confused when bands use singular and plural alternatively ("Only Good Bands . . ."/"Only Good Band . . ."), but it affects our enjoyment of their music neither a jot nor a tittle. (We almost wrote "tiddle," which would probably make our U.K. visitors titter, as to them it means the act of urination.)

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