Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Latest from Tiger Waves

Sorry to be so slow in posting this. We got home a little late from the mines (NaCl), had a happy meal, started working our way through our ppemail, posted the Matthew Sweet song, and lo and behold found even more sweetness but two emails later.

It seems that Reid Comstock and bandmate James Marshall of recently posted and instantly treasured Austin/Chicago duo Tiger Waves had just put the finishing touches on Side A of the excellent single but an inch or two up the page. The song was finished today at 4:40 P.M., his email was sent at 5:40, and we're writing this at exactly 8:40 P.M. You do the math, but as we say, we regret having delayed your pleasure.

If you missed the recent post, click here. That "Down Down Down" number is most certainly going to be one of our very favorite songs of the year.

Reid seemed understandably excited about Tiger Waves' forthcoming October tour through the Midwest and Northeast (USA). We don't usually hang out in those climes, but if you do, get details at TW's Bandcamp page.

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