Thursday, June 16, 2016

Jangle Till You Dangle with The Blurries

Whoa, HITW's where we saw LeRoi Brothers! Coo.

Do you enjoy these little background stories we tell? No? Coo, so just skip down to the songs.

Anyhoo, listening to a little playlist we'd put together called "Built to Pop," we were delighted by "Sunlight," a song by Janglecorers, The Blurries. After minimal searching, we found it available for free and legal action at Bandcamp. (See below.) The Dallas band were inspired by sounds wafting from other places, specifically, Hoboken, California, Liverpoo, and Athens (Ga., not Gr., WE THINK). Paper Cuts has bled for almost five years now, so you cutting edge POPPERS might not be interested.

As we entered HITW, the band were setting up. We asked Joe (or maybe Steve), 
"Could you play 'Are You With Me Baby (Say Yeah)'?" and he said, 
"Yeah, I think we could play that one." And they did!

And, of course, you should check this action:

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