Friday, June 03, 2016

Riding With the Big Fish (and Walrus): Paul Hayworth, The Deathrettes, Crocodile Deathspin + The Tall King Dogs, Walrus, High Mountain Bluebirds, The Grand Illusion, My Expansive Awareness


Psychgazer's just done a couple of those monster posts of hisorhers, so we remora attach and cruise on The Big One's back. We checked out all 50 recommendations in Psychgazer .108 June Psych Playlist, and post first our favorite downloadables.

We deeply dug this former fluffer at Titanic Hotel Liverpool's oeuvre and look forward to further explorations of his bountiful riches. On Coastal Legends, we also favored #s 3, 5, 7, & 11.

Now let us travel way down south, 'round the Cape.

We keep heading east toward (we're guessing) California?

Although we've already Songdropped these below, let us draw further attention to:

Walrus - Wearing It

More from Halifax here.

High Mountain Bluebirds - Peter Fonda I Love You

Bunch more tweedly-dee at SoundCloud.

The Grand Illusion - Shake Shake

Face off with the Warrington band here.

My Expansive Awareness - Do You Wanna Be Rich?

They are from Zaragoza, the luckies.

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