Thursday, March 03, 2011

Remeet The Fantasies

We recently sent you to The Decibel Tolls to grab this psychsurfspacepopperocker--Woah, we're speakin' German!--and today found it at Bandcamp, along with a couple more free and legals. We are invited to Meet The Fantasies, but actually finding information on "America's Phenomenal Pop Duo" is quite the challenge. Not to worry, though. Based on what we've put together from Bandcamp,, and several blogs we got into, they seem to be from Northampton, Massachusetts. I suppose one of our fantasies is to someday know the who, what, when, where, and other stuff about The Fantasies, but for now this fantastic song is nicely filling our heads with what we really need to know.

Update: We find the Bandcamp download widget's no longert available, so we're streaming via Soundcloud.

Update 2: Click to listen & download: The Fantasies - Tick Tock mp3

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