Friday, January 15, 2016

Marvelous Mark's Mahvelous, Dahling!

He used to be with Marvelous Darlings but now it's "just" "Marvelous Mark." Either way, Torontan Mark Fosco's pretty damned marvelous. We (sort of) partied with him/them before and are pumped to do so again. (That song's still available there for free, right-click download.)

Let's talk today, though, because just today he's crushin' it with a new LP called . . . Crushin'. MM's made two songs from it available for nypdl, so check 'em out below. We trekked over to his Soundcloud page and found several more free and legals as well. We've personally cued up a bunch for future purchase at eMusic

So that's what we're doing. What are you up to?

Oh, btw, you may have noticed that Mark deploys pictures of himself wearing blue lipstick, a pig mask, a snake, and stomach hair.*** We make no judgment as to which is scarier because we really really love his music. That's key.

***Mark records for Drunken Sailor Records. Coincidence?

One more thing: Here's our favorite from Crushin'.

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