Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Noise of the Lamb: Crawlers & Lamebrains & Gnomes

Quoting from his Bandcamp blurb, "Jaime Paul Lamb has been making some semblance of music since 1985 and has been in many Garage, Punk & Power Pop bands. Lamb has also been involved in the NYC & Minneapolis Free Jazz/Avant Garde communities and is Lodge Organist of Arizona No. 2 Masonic Lodge, Phoenix, AZ. His music has been released on labels such as Slovenly, Black Gladiator, Paradigms, Wood Shampoo, NHIC, and several others."*** So now you know.

Here are some of our personal faves among his myriad incarnations. We found Phoenix-based Mr. Lamb via the Bandcamp Collection page of newfound followee Popsnacking, who also has a nice eponymous Tumblr blog.

We also especially liked #s 1 & 5.

***Traditional Powerpopulist green artistname styleage added.

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