Saturday, January 30, 2016

Polyvinyl Celebration 3: Warm Soda, White Reaper, The Rentals, Saturday Looks Good To Me

So, yeah, this should do it for the little impromptu Polyvinyl celebration thing we've been doing today. You've probably noticed by now, though, that we left approximately a jillion free and legals over at the Polyvinyl Bandcamp zone, so you take it from there. Or here.

Warm Soda are one of our very favorite current bands, as we've made fairly clear. In fact, their 
Symbolic Dream was also on our list of Favorite LPs of 2015.

Facebook   White Reaper    Bandcamp

The Rentals    Facebook   

Facebook    Saturday Looks Good To Me    Bandcamp

It's been a pretty busy Saturday around here, but, yeah, it does look pretty good, to us at least. If you didn't find anything to like, then . . . we'll just keep trying.

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