Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Music of the Sphere: Game Theory, La Sera, Coathangers, Ty Segall, Peacers, Dictators, Dick Diver, Dinoczar, EZTV & Nic Hessler, Milk 'N' Cookies

Lolita Nation (2CD Set)
Still in Rock continues its rip-roaring ways, SOTO's strong, and we pretty much wet ourselves with delight to find that long-time favesong by Game Theory available for conjoined download. (Other attempts have led to all kinds of irregularities.) Thanks, greatbloggers. (We say that about OBoaO even though we just "met" and he thinks we're retarded.)

Game Theory - Kenneth--What's The Frequency?/Not Because You Can - One Base on an Overthrow - Post also has several more winners from newly  reissued Lolita Nation. (See excellent review at Musoscribe.)

La Sera - High Notes - Side One Track One
The Coathangers - Make It Right - Side One Track One

Ty Segall - Diversion - Still in Rock
Peacers - Blume & The Kid - Still in Rock
The Dictators - California Sun & (I Live For) Cars And Girls - Still in Rock
Dick Diver - Tearing the Posters Down & Waste The Alphabet - Still in Rock
Dinoczar - Cream - Still in Rock
EZTV & Nic Hessler - Buy This Record - Still in Rock
Milk 'N' Cookies - Buy This Record - Still in Rock

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