Thursday, February 25, 2016

Music of the Sphere: Redd Kross, Bleached, Pity Sex, Witching Waves, Dirty Sidewalks, Feels, Thee Oh Sees, Magic Shoppe, Madcaps, WRAY, Prickly, Pitwork, Pleasure Heads, Newell

Gut-felt thanks to the marvelous bloggers who've laid on this groaning board of downable tasties.

Bleached - Wednesday Night Melody - Side One Track One
Pity Sex - Burden You - Side One Track One

Witching Waves - Twister - Magnet Magazine Blog
Dirty Sidewalks - It's Xmas (And Everyone Is Miserable) - Magnet Magazine Blog - Maybe it's too early for Yuletide shenanigans but, on the other hand, maybe not.

Redd Kross - St. Lita Ford Blues & Kill Someone You Hate - Still in Rock - If you, too, like or love these longtime ppfaves, find two more excellent free and legals at Epitonic. The superb "Stay Away From Downtown" awaits your tender touch where we previously posted it.
Feels - Slippin' - Still in Rock
Thee Oh Sees - Man In A Suitcase - Still in Rock

Magic Shoppe - City Alight (Yeah) - 3hive
The Madcaps - Too Big For Your Boots & Emily Vandelay - 3 hive
WRAY - Hypatia - 3hive

Prickly - Fancy Party Hairdo - Cloudberry Cake Proselytism V.3
Pitwork - Shine - Cloudberry Cake Proselytism V.3
The Pleasure Heads - Falling Man - Cloudberry Cake Proselytism V.3
Newell - Que Nerons-Fous de Nos Beaux Jours? - Cloudberry Cake Proselytism V.3

Our all-time fave by Redd Kross:


agedhipster said...

Been listening to those Mad Caps and digging them. So much fun.

pplist said...

Nat, this makes me, like Dieter, as happy as a little girl.

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