Saturday, February 03, 2018

Comp of Comps: The Darling Buds, Chemtrails, Geodesic Ivy Dub, The Beginner's Mynd, Sweet Jane and Claire, Whimsical, The Mongrelettes

Here are a few favesongs from various compilations we've come across lately and not-so-lately. All are available for free or name-your-price download as of this posting. Each widget has all the songs on each compilation, in case you want to do further exploration.

We also like the HOLY song (#7), which has been popping up on lots of faveblogs of late.

The original was the first downloadable we ever posted at this here little blog of ours. Sigh.

We also really "dig" the ones by The Luck of Eden Hall (#1), and Os Noctambulos (#11).

We also are enamored of #7 and #9.

Got a whole lotta gas-and-oily-smelling fuzz on this comp.

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