Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Unbeatable: London's The Tamborines

Old (she turned me into a) Knut has a great Best of 2015 Month-by-Month thing going over at Eardrums Music. So what's that got to do with anything here in the hinterlands? So glad someone asked.

You may remember our posting a superfine one by London band The Tamborines, oh, maybe two months or so ago? Well, Knut's put them in the top LPs part of his July/August 2015 Part 1 list, and we're ecstatic he did. And we mean ecstatic, for we found several eardrumsfull of great powergazenoisepsychpop at two of their Bandcamp pages. Here are our very favorites from each. If you like, click appropriately.

Btw, Knut seemed to prefer the latest LP to the first one, but with us it was kind of the opposite, although both are great. We're going in chronological order.

Here's this year's model. (A friend once told us, "pp, you have a gift for the obvious." Quite flattered we were.)

This one has a kind of a TFC feel, whattaya think?

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