Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Heyday Revisited: The Cavedogs

In one of my earliest posts, I made it about as clear as I succinctly can how much I treasure these Beantown brilliants. Please go read that post and listen to those songs if you like, before, after, or. . .well, before or after listening to this deluxe dopaminer of a song. I just checked and The Cavedogs' albums are still available at Amazon for ridiculously low prices. (How does, like, $.10 and $2.39 sounds?) I have to woof in agreement with the person named "Anonymous" who opined at my previous post that someone needs to reissue the 'dogs albums. This will be posted for seven days.

The Cavedogs - Joyrides for Shut-ins - Leave Me Alone

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