Friday, January 26, 2007

Whoa Oh

One of the in-the-knows on the Audities mailing list recommended Copenhageners The 20 Belows, so I went to Whoa Oh Records to check it out. An hour or two later I emerged with eleven winning numbers. How shall I characterize these songs? I shan't. Well, okay, untwist my arm and I'll unlumber. Poppy. Lots of fuzz. Fun. (Sorry, didn't mean to get so deep.) Here are four. More to follow. You really would do yourself a favor by getting on the Audities mailing list. Last month approximately 75-80 of my 90 eMusic downloads were based on recommendations I got from Auditeers. Also, if you like pawing through record label sites' free media offerings, I left quite a few behind at Whoa Oh--nine, I think. Am I giving away secrets of the blogging sisterbrotherhood? Welllll...... Oh, and I don't quite know how to say it. . .but I didn't know Copenhageners could sound like this. Neato.

The 20belows - Headaches and Moodswings - Down Again mp3
The Ergs - Dork Rock Cork Rod - Everything Falls Apart Again mp3
The Unlovables - Crush, Boyfriend, Heartbreak - If You Were Here mp3
The Teen Sensation Glasses - The Vents/TSG - Secret Weapon mp3

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