Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Heyday Revisited: The Brandos

We place before you, for your listening pleasure, another of our treasured numbers from the late 80s/early 90s heyday. Of course if you prefer simply to stare at the names of the band and the song (not to mention the picture), that is fine, too. New York’s The Brandos were another early and immensely satisfying discovery for me during that era. During the early 80s The Brandos’ frontman Dave Kincaid had been in the Seattle powerpop band The Allies but split and moved to New York, where he eventually formed the rootsier group featured here. Read more at All Music. What I like most about “A Matter of Survival”: the hook, the syncopated guitar/drum interplay, the vocals and lyrics, the sentiments, the clever, extended solo, and the ending. The debut album, Honor Among Thieves, from which the posted song is taken, is very much available here. Other albums from The Brandos’ catalog are for sale here. Again, posted for one week.

The Brandos - A Matter of Survival

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