Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I remember exactly (more or less) when I first heard Magnapop. A friend and I had just emerged from a Steven Wright concert in February 1993 at which I laughed harder than I ever have in my life, so hard I was sitting there thinking things like, “It’s gotta be dangerous to be laughing this hard, the human body cannot tolerate this kind of strain, oh, well, what a way to go.” More or less. Anyway, he had earlier spoken of these Athenians in glowing terms, and I was primed. Into the car, the request was heeded, ignition, liftoff, kapop! Here’s a nice summary at All Music, and you can click here to go to their site for more info and songs. By the way, don’t be worried if it seems like the counter’s wrong for a song. It is, but you should still be able to hear each song entire.

Mouthfeel (2005)
Smile 4u mp3
Satellite mp3
Hot Boxing (1994)
Here it Comes mp3

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