Saturday, January 20, 2007

Distaff: Tralala, Shalini, Tegan and Sara, Angie Heaton

Let’s spin a few on the distaff. I’ve posted two songs previously by both Tralala and Shalini, so you can click on the names to refresh or inject your memory. The affecting voices of Tegan and Sara have given me pleasure for a couple of years now, while I blushingly confess to only just having found Angie Heaton, formerly of Corndolly, Liquorette, and Tractor Kings. Tegan and Sara are pictured. Again, clicking artist names below will bring certain benefits. For example, Tegan and Sara have six excellent downloadable mp3s at the Audio page of their website.

Tralala - Take Me As I Am mp3
Shalini - Get Free mp3
Tegan and Sara -Walking With a Ghost mp3
Angie Heaton - Let It Ride mp3

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