Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rainbow Quartz's Forthcoming Gems

The June - Barber Shop mp3 - from 2009's Magic Circles - fantastic LP; I bought most of the songs on it at eMusic - See also Amazon mp3.

The Sails - See Myself mp3 - from 2006's The Sails - You must, must, do you hear me, tack over to eMusic or Amazon mp3 and purchase "Peter Shilton" NOW. (Well, anyway, we like it.)

The Parties - Cryin' Shame mp3 - from 2009's Cryin' Shame EP - Amazon mp3 - eMusic

The High Dials - The Holy Ground mp3 - from 2007's The Holy Ground - Amazon mp3 - eMusic

In that Gurus post earlier in the week we "forgot" to tell you something rather important and exciting. (For after all, one can only absorb so much excitement without discombobulating or making a mess.) We learned of The Gurus' forthcoming effort via a friendly post from the amiable Ms. Kathryn Muselik over at the ever-toothy Shark Party Media. What we "forgot" to tell you is that The Gurus LP is but one of seven (7) LPs to be released by the incomparable chimepsychpowerpoppin' label Rainbow Quartz over the next two months. Yes, be still your heart. What we tried to do in that little sampler above is get you warmed up with some of the artists' earlier efforts. We don't have free & downloadables from their forthcoming LPs but will surely post them should they come into our clickable possession. (Click the LP and EP titles up there to go to their Rainbow Quartz page, where you will find more f&dl's.)

So here's the schedule Shark Media gave us, with clickable pre-purchase links. Amazon seems to be jumping the gun, and sometimes the Shark, so we're just relaying release info as we have it. All should go swimmingly, whatever.

October 5
The Gurus - Closing Circles

November 2
The June - Green Fields and Rain - Amazon mp3 says October 5.

November 16
The Sails - A Headful of Stars - Amazon mp3 says October 19.
The Flower Machine - Lavender Lane - Amazon mp3 says November 2.
The Parties - Coast Garde - Amazon says November 2.

November 30
The High Dials - Anthems for Doomed Youth - Amazon says November 2.
The Volebeats - The Volebeats - Amazon says October 19.

Here is one RQ released last month.

The Capstan Shafts - Heart Your Eat Out mp3 - from Revelation Skirts, released August 24, 2010

And just for gins and griggles (hard g's, please), here are a few of our favorite Rainbow Quartz songs. It was impossible to narrow it down, so go to RQ's Artists Page and plan to spend hours dl'ing.

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