Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Will Follow (Up) #1: Dutch Elms

Dutch Elms - Cleopatra m4a**

from 2004 release

Music for Happiness

on Jigsaw Records

Update - 11feb16: We just noticed the m4a is no longer available. Here's the Popboomerang widgeted incarnation, though, so you can hear it and buy it cheap.

We'd like to do a couple of followup posts based on posts we posted last week. This is the first one. The second will follow, possibly sometime this year.

We hope you found some nice things to download and buy from the Popboomerang Records compilations we briefly dilated about last week. We certainly did.*** One exciting discovery on Planet of Popboomerang, Vol. 2 was longtime Seattle faves, Dutch Elms. We had posted the marvelous "Cleopatra"**** early in our blog's run and gave it pride of place in our first From the Archives post. Sadly, the original link disappeared. Gladly, inspired by the P-rang comp, we ran a new link to earth at the most excellent Jigsaw Records. (We left "Therefore Talk" there for your listening/downloading pleasure; therefore go there for very much goodness' sake.) You can buy more mp3s at the sites below and read Stewart Mason's interesting review of Music for Happiness here at AllMusic.

**After posting, we find Yahoo Music Player doesn't seem to be able to play the song. You can, however, download it by right-clicking-->Save Target As. Were we not somewhat pacifistpopulists, we would very much like to kick Yahoo Music Player's ass. Update, 10:48 the same day: We bethought us to try YMP on our MacBook, and lo and behold, it worked. So if you want to play the song with YMP, you could go buy a MacBook.

***After more snooping around and around and around and around, we found additional excellent Popboomerang freebies and buyables here and here.

****Okay, look, we really mean it when we say we want to leave you room to decide for yourself whether or not you like a song. But we just have to say that this song thrills us to our core.

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