Saturday, September 18, 2010

Music of the Sphere: Olivia TC, La's, Moonhearts, Math&Physics, Girlfriends, Like, Cure, Myelin Sheaths, Fresh & O's, Young, Superguidis, et. al. . .

We get no tireder of saying this than we do of finding all the boffo music at their sites: Thanks, bloghosts!

Olivia Tremor Control - Love Athena - Suffering Jukebox

The La's - Timeless Melody - Barely Awake in Frog Pajamas - Hop to it, and pronto. Something tells me it'll soon be gone.

Math and Physics Club - We're So DIY! - Tullycraft Blog

Girlfriends - Good To Be True - The Ampeter Review

The Like - Fair Game & He's Not A Boy & Release Me - RCRD-LBL - You've probably found these elsewhere; if so, we're happy for ya.

Moonhearts - Shine & Can't Find My Way - Covert Curiosity

Harlem - Be Your Baby - Indierock Cafe
Sex Pistols - Holidays In The Sun - Indierock Cafe - Now there's a juxtaposition of tunes.

The Cure - Boys Don't Cry - AWmusic
The Go! Team - Huddle Formation - AWmusic
Tamaryn - Mild Confusion & Sandstone - AWmusic - We posted their excellent "Love Fade" here, but grab it at AW if you prefer; we won't be hurt.

Picnic - Too Fast - Eardrums - Scroll down to Estonia.
Sometimes Always - Porcelains - Eardrums
One Happy Island - Elegant Elephant - Eardrums
Superguidis - Nao Fosse O Bom Humor - Eardrums - Scroll down to Brazil.

Myelin Sheaths - Everything is Contagious - Raven Sings the Blues
Quest for Fire - Strange Vacation & Set Out Alone - Raven Sings the Blues - highly satisfying psych - yeah, we know, "where's the p-pschtick?"
The Fresh & Onlys - Waterfall - Raven Sings the Blues
The Fresh & Onlys - Troubling Vision - Raven Sings the Blues
The Young - Bird in the Bush - Raven Sings the Blues

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