Friday, September 10, 2010

All is Not Lost: The Lovetones, International Jetsetters, the Young Sinclairs, Eternal Summers

Ah, g’day, Joel. You’ve lost your what? Sloooower, mate. No way. Calm down, it’ll turn up, no worries. Of course Matt doesn’t have it. How could you even think such a thing? He doesn’t bloody have it, mkay? When did you last see it? 2006???? And you just now noticed? Crikey.***

The Lovetones - City Meets The Stars mp3

on their fifthcoming LP


due 28 September on

Planting Seeds Records

We're pstoked these Psydney psychpoppers are about to lay further lovetones on a world that needs them pso very, very much. (Are you tired of this "p" pschtick of ours? If pso, psorry.) We previewed Lost over at Amazon mp3, and needless to psay, were entirely glad to have found it.

We previously posted the first of the following tunes from their fourth LP, 2009's Dimensions, and are glad to have found the psecond at the Planting Seeds psite. (We will not mess with a labelname, nosir/ma'amareee!)

While over at Planting Seeds, we were delighted to find the following excellent psong by The Lovetones' podmates, Oxfordians International Jetsetters. We posted it before, but why not again?

Also planted were the following two excellent ditties by a personal favorite band, Roanokeans the Young Sinclairs.

the Young Sinclairs - Girl, I'm For Real mp3 - from We Spoke Our Minds EP, as is the following

the Young Sinclairs - You Can Have Her (alternate version) mp3

And while we're at it, while at Pitchfork recently, we came across a goodun by the Young Sinclairs' bassist Daniel Cundiff's band, Eternal Summers, and thought you might like to lend an ear. It's from their upcoming 28 Pseptember release, Silver, on Kanine Records. Many thanks to the 'fork for the headsup.

***We're not saying that's Matt in the picture. Not at all.

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