Friday, August 27, 2010

Bad Books Read Well

Bad Books - You Wouldn't Have to Ask mp3

from forthcoming 19 October release,

Bad Books

on Favorite Gentlemen

We're def looking forward to hearing this ten-song collab between Brooklynite Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra, due out on MO's Favorite Gentlemen label. Sure, record and promo companies feed us all kinds of blurbage for their projects, but the song above speaks for itself. I will say, though, that I very much enjoyed one part of the blurb (which you can read almost in entirety here.)

As songwriters go, [MO frontman Andy] Hull and Devine could not be further apart in terms of creative approach. The methodical wordsmith Devine, an English major from Fordham, is known to pine away for great lengths of time just to accurately pin-point one word within a lyric. “I was doing a take of ‘You’re A Mirror I Cannot Avoid’ and stopped myself for fifteen minutes because I was having trouble justifying ending two lines in the same chorus with the word ‘back.’ Just sitting there, staring at the screen, writing different word choices. I asked Andy if he thought it mattered, and he said, ‘Of course it doesn’t.’ Somewhere in that exchange is I think what differentiates us as songwriters. I think Andy trusts his instincts to lead him to the right place in a song, and sometimes I want to outthink my instincts because I’m scared of repeating myself, of resting on my laurels.

Sometimes I kind of feel like Kevin, 'ceptin' I got no laurels. It's okay, though, I'll be fine. Sigh. . . .Well, many thanks to Myles Grosovsky over at Big Hassle for making sure we wouldn't have to ask.

Oh, and one more thing. In case you missed our posting on Manchester Orchestra guitarist Robert McDowell's solo project Gobotron (see pic above), here's the post and here's the song.

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