Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Magnapop Make Me Pop Bigtime

I previously told the exhilarating story of my first listen to these noble Athenians, so shan't repeat it. (You're welcome [to click the link, if you please].) Chase Park snuck under my radar, so I was thrilled to find mention at the excellent blog, Underneathica. (jonder and I might not share identical musical tastes, but his is piquant, and he writes well, unlike. . . Yoo Gno Hoo.) I followed links to the Magnapop bandsite,where I found nine (9) free and legals, including the two (2) above and the one (1) below. I don't know how many glorious times I've listened to the following number, but each and every time I discover new receptors for dopamine gush. Incredible song. Incredible band.

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