Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Music of the Sphere: Butterscotch Cathedral, Murals, Nazz, Wavves, Dictators, Coke Weed, Presents For Sally, Houston In The Blind, Seapony, Cold Beat, Savages

Many thanks to the individuals (or collectives) who've made the following available. Click on just about any of the words below to go to the downloadables.

The Butterscotch Cathedral - Waterfall Parasol/Crocodile & Why Do You Hate Everything I Love - Still in Rock - Resonar resonates.
Murals - Violent City Lantern - Still in Rock
Nazz - Open My Eyes - Still in Rock - plus 2 more
Wavves - All the Same & Wait - Still in Rock
The Dictators - California Sun & (I Live For) Cars & Girls - Still in Rock - Saw 'em on the Manifest Destiny tour. They still had it, and then some.

Coke Weed - New Jive - Magnet Magazine Blog
Presents For Sally - Wishawaytoday - Magnet Magazine Blog
Houston In The Blind - All My Love - Magnet Magazine Blog

Seapony - A Place We Can Go - KEXP Blog
Cold Beat - Am I Dust - KEXP Blog

Savages - The Answer - Side One Track One

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